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Owning A Business


Owning your own business is an American dream for many. But managing your own business takes a lot more than hard work. You need a financial plan — one that addresses financial needs and products for every stage of your business life cycle and that takes into account your personal financial goals and dreams.


Our team of Financial Advisors have the experience to support the complex needs of today’s business owners. Many Genesis Wealth Advisors clients are both personal investors and business owners. We understand the challenges today's business owners face. We’ve helped business owners create and manage wealth.



Managing Taxes


As your goals and financial situation change, there may be new opportunities to reduce your taxable income. We'll help you find them.



Retirement Plans and Other Employee Benefits


The right retirement plan can provide tax benefits and help you attract and keep high-quality employees. We'll help you find it.


Whether you’re a sole proprietor or an owner of a mid-sized company, our team of Financial Advisors can help you get the most out of your workplace retirement plan. For a business, a retirement plan serves two purposes, to provide for your own retirement and to reward and retain quality employees. Genesis Wealth Advisors can help analyze your needs, provide recommendations on plan design.  This will help you reduce costs, maximize benefits and improve plan services. 



Business Valuation


Your business is important to you, but do you know how much it's really worth?


We'll develop a clear picture of your business's value and integrate it with your personal financial situation - so you'll have the comprehensive view you need to plan for a successful future.



Business Succession Planning


How will you transfer your business when it's time to move on? We'll help you plan for a smooth transition.


The biggest risk and the biggest asset owned by a business owner is often their business. Our team of Financial Advisors at Genesis Wealth Advisors will work with you to identify your primary goals, alternative transfer strategies, and actions best-fit to safeguard the survival and growth of your business in the event of your partner's disability or retirement.



Business Protection


Protecting your business means being prepared for unexpected situations. Together, we'll create a plan to help guard against financial losses resulting from employee departures, disabilities or other disruptions.



Solutions for your Business and your Personal Financial Needs


Whatever your financial priorities are as a business owner, the team of Financial Advisors at Genesis Wealth Advisors have the resources and experience to address them. Working with Genesis Wealth Advisors, you'll have access to a comprehensive financial planning process that can help synchronize your personal and professional financial goals.


In addition, our team of Financial Advisors can provide you with investment guidance to help you administer your plan’s investment choices. Support may include helping you establish an investment policy statement, providing quarterly or annual reporting to your board, or providing much needed education to your plan participants and employees. 


For smaller businesses, our team of Financial Advisors can offer advice on retirement plans such as SEP or SIMPLE IRA, Solo and Small Business 401(k) and Defined Benefit plans to help you maximize your retirement saving. 


If your like most business owners, your personal life and business life are practically inseparable. That's why it's important for your personal financial planning to take into account the unique considerations-and opportunities-of owning and operating a business.



To learn more about Advice for Business Owners and other financial advice, contact Genesis Wealth Advisors to schedule an appointment today.


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