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Financial Planning

  •  Financial planning is the process of helping clients meet their financial needs today and reach their dreams and goals tomorrow
  • Whether you're in the process of building your wealth, or if you're near to or already in retirement, a conversation with our team of Financial Advisors can make financial planning more manageable
  • Our Comprehensive Retirement approach considers all parts of your financial life


As you Look Ahead to the Future — Especially Retirement — you May be Wondering:

  • Will you be able to balance the needs of today with tomorrow's goals?
  • Will you have enough money to live life on your own terms?
  • Can you protect yourself and your loved-ones from the certainty of uncertainty?
  • Will you be able to leave a legacy for the people or causes you care about?


Genesis Wealth Advisors helps clients achieve their financial goals through personal planning and advice. Our team of Financial Advisors listen to your dreams and goals, create a personalized financial plan, and track your progress over time.



Financial Planning is all About Confidence. Yours.


Imagine the confidence you could feel with the team of Financial Advisors at Genesis Wealth Advisors at your side to help answer your questions and offer the advice and guidance you need to map out a plan. 



It’s Based on a Personal Relationship


No matter where you find yourself today or see yourself in the future, a financial planning relationship with the team of Financial Advisors at Genesis Wealth Advisors can help you find your financial balance and bring your dreams and goals more within reach.


Our advisors' approach to comprehensive financial planning starts with a one-on-one conversation to assess your risk tolerance, your current asset allocation strategy, and your hopes and dreams for the future. At its core is a personal relationship with a team of advisors dedicated to helping you reach the future you imagine, on your own terms, in a way that is convenient for you.


It all starts with learning about you.

Our Team of Financial Advisors will Take the Time to:

  • Listen closely to you and learn what you value
  • Analyze your current financial situation
  • Understand your feelings about managing money


Then our team of Financial Advisors will offer personalized advice and guidance to help you reach your financial goals. Whether your goal is retirement income planning, business succession, college funding, estate planning, charitable giving, wealth preservation, insurance needs and risk management, we'll analyze your individual financial situation to create a personalized investment recommendation, which is part of an ongoing process involving evaluation of your immediate and future goals and financial circumstances.


These include your assets, family situation, insurance needs, cash flow, income and liabilities. Recommendations are thoughtfully designed to complement one another and encourage growth and/or income. Our plans are easy to implement and update with your changing needs and situations.


And once you have a plan in place, you’ll feel greater peace of mind knowing that our team of Financial Advisors will stay with you over time, helping you track your progress toward your goals and making adjustments along the way when your life or dreams change.



We’ll Help You Pursue Your Goals

You'll come away Feeling more Confident in the Knowledge that you have the Advice and Guidance you Need to Help:

  • Cover your essentials. Essentials are the monthly expenses that keep your life running.
  • Complete your lifestyle. Lifestyle is about the things that you want to do, and how you want to live, today and in the future.
  • Prepare for the unexpected. The unexpected are events that could derail your financial plans.
  • Leave a legacy. Legacy is about the impact you’ll make on the people, charities and causes that are important to you.


A sense of security can come from knowing you’ve gone beyond the basics and addressed the key areas of your financial life.



Life gets Complicated. We can Help Simplify Things.


You may feel overwhelmed when it comes to insurance, tax and IRA rules, stocks, bonds and mutual funds. You're not alone. Most people find it difficult to put together a practical, successful financial plan when faced with inflation, changing tax laws, and a complex array of products. Life changes can complicate matters further, especially the birth of a child, marital status change, retirement, or death of a loved one.


No matter what your level of wealth, working with Genesis Wealth Advisors can help you pursue your goals. Together, we'll go through a comprehensive process for managing your financial life and creating a long-term plan customized to your needs.

The Process Starts by Examining the Different Financial Planning Strategies:

  • Accumulation: How to target asset growth.
  • Retirement Planning: How to target distribution of your assets in a tax-advantaged way.
  • Estate Planning: How to preserve your assets.
  • Risk Management: How to protect your assets.
  • Business Planning: How to grow, manage, and pass on your business.


The Genesis Wealth Advisors team is trained to examine all your options, recommend realistic strategies, and most importantly, present this plan of action in easy-to-understand terms.



You Get our Full Attention.


We want you to feel comfortable and at ease. And we believe in one-on-one relationships. All of our clients receive the close, individualized attention they deserve. Flexible hours are available by appointment at your home or in our office in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. 

Our Financial Planning Services Include:

  • College Planning
  • Design and management of investment portfolios
  • Developing savings and cash management plans
  • Divorce Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Family and Charitable gifting
  • IRA's, Roth IRAs and rollover consultations
  • Life, Long-term care, disability and other forms of insurance
  • Planning for businesses (employees and owners) and succession
  • Retirement Planning
  • Seminars and presentations on Financial Planning topics


Financial Planning is a comprehensive, ongoing approach that starts with helping you define your dreams, developing a plan to help you get there, then tracking your progress along the way, and then recommending changes where needed.


Through Financial Planning our advisors help our clients meet their financial needs of today and reach their dreams and goals of tomorrow. Whether you're in the process of building your wealth, or if you are near to or already in retirement, a meeting with our team of Financial Advisors can make Financial Planning more manageable. Our approach to Financial Planning considers all parts of your financial life.



Where are you Today and Where do you Want to Be in the Future?


Because wisely managing your finances is so crucial to meeting your day-t0-day responsibilities and fulfilling your lifetime goals, establishing a financial plan is one of the most important things you can do for your financial well-being.



No matter where you find yourself today or see yourself in the future, a Financial Planning relationship with the Genesis Wealth Advisors team can help you find your financial balance and bring your dreams and goals more within reach. 



To learn more about Financial Planning and other financial services, contact Genesis Wealth Advisors to schedule an appointment today.