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IRAs & Retirement Plans

  • Genesis Wealth Advisors offer a variety of retirement plan options including: IRAs, business plans such as 401(k), SEP and SIMPLE IRAs, as well as 403(b) plan investment options for nonprofit organizations
  • Different plans have a variety of features, benefits and tax advantages to help you save more for your retirement
  • Our team of Financial Advisors at Genesis Wealth Advisors may recommend a combination of two or more plans to match your retirement goals


No matter what your situation, our team of Financial Advisors at Genesis Wealth Advisors can help you select the best retirement plan options for you.



Opening an IRA or rolling over an old 401(k) or 403(b) plan to an IRA?


Our team of Financial Advisors can help you decide if a traditional or Roth IRA best suits your financial goals.

If you are changing jobs or retiring, after reviewing the potential benefits and risks, it may make sense to roll over funds from your employer-based retirement plan or consolidate multiple IRA accounts using a rollover IRA. Sometimes, you can even rollover funds while you are still working.



Rollover Assets to an IRA while Still Employed


By using this little known option, you may be able to transfer assets from your workplace 401(k) into a personal IRA while you’re still employed. Ask our team of Financial Advisors to help you explore the pros and cons of an in-service IRA rollover strategy.



IRA Contribution Limits and Eligibility


Find out more about IRA contribution limits, eligibility and tax deductibility. These may change year-to-year and vary based on income level and tax status.



Retirement Plans for Self-Employed Individuals and Businesses


A range of retirement plans are available to address the retirement needs of you, your business and your employees.


Plans can offer an array of investment options: mutual funds, self-directed brokerage accounts, annuities, certificates or professionally managed accounts; investments vary by plan.



Retirement Plans for Employers of Nonprofit Organizations


Nonprofit organizations seeking retirement savings plans can select from the many available 403(b) plan investment options at Genesis Wealth Advisors.



To learn more about IRAs and other Retirement Plans or other financial services, contact Genesis Wealth Advisors to schedule an appointment today.


Tax services are not offered or supervised by Lincoln Investment.

Before deciding whether to retain assets in an employer plan or roll over to an IRA an investor should consider various factors including, but not limited to, investment options, fees and expenses, services, withdrawal penalties, protection from creditors and legal judgements, required minimum distributions, possession of employer stock and reduction/elimination of guaranteed benefits from the pension plan. 

Withdrawals are taxed as ordinary income in the year received.  Tax penalties and penalties for early withdrawal may apply if funds are withdrawn prior to age 59 ½. An individual retirement account (IRA) allows individuals to direct pretax income, up to specific annual limits, toward investments that can grow tax-deferred (no capital gains or dividend income is taxed). Individual taxpayers are allowed to contribute 100% of compensation up to a specified maximum dollar amount to their Traditional IRA. Contributions to the Traditional IRA may be tax-deductible depending on the taxpayer's income, tax-filing status and other factors.