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Tax Planning


Often overlooked, taxes can significantly impact your income and investment results, affecting the long-term values of your investment portfolios and estate. 


Planning for taxes can be an important factor in keeping more of the assets you worked hard to build. It can also have significant impact on your current and future income and tax bill. 


Effective tax management may reduce, delay or prevent the impact of income, estate or other taxes on your savings and investments. Applying appropriate tax strategies  help you minimize the taxes you owe so you keep more of the money you've earned and invested. Your financial plan will incorporate strategies for for essential facets of tax planning.

Areas of Concern may Include:

  • How to structure your investment portfolios in the most tax-efficient manner
  • How to build an estate plan to transfer your wealth with tax-efficiency
  • How to keep more of your income after-taxes
  • How to tax-optimize your savings, distributions and legacy


When working with the Genesis Wealth Advisors team you can develop a plan to manage your taxes now and in the future to help reduce the likelihood of them becoming a burden.

Tax planning can help to reduce taxes on current investment income, minimize eventual estate taxes and help you to save more efficiently. Our experienced team of Financial Advisors at Genesis Wealth Advisors, can help you design investment strategies that can help manage your personal and business taxes. 



To learn more about Managing Taxes and other financial services, contact Genesis Wealth Advisors to schedule an appointment today.


Tax services are not offered through, or supervised by Lincoln Investment, or Capital Analysts.