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Genesis Wealth Advisors Responsibilities


Genesis Wealth Advisors team of Financial Advisors assume many responsibilities relating to your overall investment strategy and can assist you in a variety of ways.


Genesis Wealth Advisors can help you choose the appropriate vehicles in which to invest, or we can oversee a comprehensive financial plan for your family’s long-term financial goals.

Responsibilities our Team of Financial Advisors Incorporate into our Practice

  • Experienced Advisors: Our team of Financial Advisors are licensed professionals who will frequently communicate with you to build a long-term relationship.
  • Educators: Our team of Financial Advisors will help you become more knowledgeable by providing research, advice and guidance regarding planning and portfolio management.
  • Planning Facilitators: Our team of Financial Advisors have extensive planning capabilities and will provide you with a process for building, managing and protecting your assets.
  • Cross-Generational Family Coordinators: Our team of Financial Advisors will consider and plan for multiple generations of your family, collaborating with your other advisors, such as attorneys and accountants.
  • Portfolio Managers: Our team of Financial Advisors will help you build, diversify* and monitor your portfolio. 


The Genesis Wealth Advisors team can provide you with the tools you need to prepare for your future.


 *Diversification or asset allocation do not guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.

Personal Relationships


Our team of Financial Advisors develop personal relationships with you. This means that you’ll always have someone to call when life throws unexpected changes in your direction, markets get volatile or when it’s time to re-assess your plans for your long-term goals.

Our Team Financial Advisors can Help You

  • Reevaluate your financial situation, including your goals and personal risk tolerance because markets change over time.
  • Understand the motivations behind why, and for whom, you invest.
  • Provide for future generations by getting to know you, as well as your family.



To learn more about Genesis Wealth Advisors and the financial services we provide, contact us to schedule an apointment today.